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Zen is a total state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind. Zen is a way of being. It also is a state of mind. Zen involves dropping illusion and seeing things without distortion created by your own thoughts.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Identity Theft (Day 22)

January 22, 2014

     We read about it in the news, we hear it on television, hey-they've even made a movie about it!  It's a sign of the times.  A way of our new technological world-to make things easier...even for the criminals!  But who are we really?  Do we know who we are...what we should be, or what we want to be, or even what we were?

     As I begin to read my fourth book of the year, Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen I am reminded that often times as we age we look in the mirror and don't see the person we have pictured in our minds from days gone past.  Our youth slowly and gradually slips away.  But most of us don't feel as old as our actual linear calendar suggests.  This doesn't make us any less wanting of a healthy fit body.  In fact, it makes us want it all the more. We want to lose that extra weight, tone those muscles, and loose those wrinkles.

     I am on a quest.  A quest to transform myself into THAT superhero being!  My quest began January 1, but is being renewed today.  I WILL NOT GIVE UP!  I am going to search, research, collect, and find all the information I can about health, nutrition, and exercise until my brain can hold no more!

     I am going to gain my identity back.  I am going to begin by moving today!  First I think I will download a great yoga app to my I phone.  I found a really good one that is free, called Daily Yoga.  It includes music, a pose library, and training sessions.  At lease half of the training sessions are free.  I love yoga because it IS for everyone.  It not only exercises the body but strengthens the mind as well.  I also notice that I have less aches and pains when I have been habitually practicing yoga.  It is very relaxing and any ability can participate.  One does not have to be able to bend into a pretzel to do yoga!  Go to the following website to read about the endless benefits to yoga: GAIMA Life.  Next, I think I will begin collecting healthy recipes for my transformation arsenal.  Here's a collection of a few for breakfast that I found just today: Breakfasts Under 300 CaloriesLow Calorie Breakfasts, and 20 Low Carb Breakfast Ideas.  And the last thing I think I will do today is take a nice relaxing stroll through my favorite book store to find books on diet, health, and wellness.

     One day at a time I AM going to slowly gain back my identity.  I hope you are on your way of meeting the goals that you set for yourself this year.  Statistics say that in just another month we will have failed and forgotten any or all  of the goals we have set forth for this new year.  Don't let your dreams become a statistic...get up and do something about it!

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