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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Financial Strategies (Day 5)

January 5, 2014    

     I have to admit I wish I had started doing this earlier!  In just a few short weeks and a couple of pay days my savings alone is up almost 10%!  My first strategy of borrowing from myself and paying myself back plus the interest I would have paid the bank or a credit card has been very beneficial to me and my finances.  Instead of using a credit card or the cash advance method from my bank I use the transfer scheduling from my online banking to my advantage.  That way I don't even have to think about when to put it back into my savings account and if it will. 

     My second strategy to make a budget I am still working on.  I know that I will save a lot more money if I just stay aware of how much I can and need to pay to each area.  I also know that the things I like to buy, but don't necessarily need sometimes cause me to go over budget.  I also have a plan for that.

     It is very, very hard for me to refrain from buying anything when I go into my favorite store.  This is the reason why I have decided just to stay out of those places when my budget doesn't allow it.  Furthermore when I do go to the stores to shop I MUST have a budget plan in place.  Since most of my shopping happens in consignment stores that I consign in I plan to use the money I make from those items and then have a maximum out of pocket amount I can spend.  This is a strategy that won't be a problem, since I have been practicing it awhile.

     My third strategy will be to eliminate all but one credit card!  Credit cards cause many people problems and can get out of hand in a hurry.  I don't have many and there isn't much on them, but making payments each month to a credit card often prevents a person from doing the things they want until that card is paid off.  My plan includes looking at the smallest amounts first and paying more on that card first to eliminate that payment and interest and then move to the next one until there are none left.  What a great feeling of control of finances it will be when I meet that goal!

     This leads me to my last strategy of saving all of the money I used to pay on credit cards and bills for myself!  What a great feeling of having the money you need, when you need it!  So I leave you today with thinking about what strategies would work best for you to come out on top and out of the red!

     www.about.com has a great website titled "The Top 3 Ways to Make Your Money Work for You"  My strategies cover them all.  1. Create a budget  2. Get out of debt and 3. Save your money

Proverbs 3:9-10 Honor the Lord with your wealth and with the firstfruits of all your produce; then your barns will be filled with plenty, and your vats will be bursting with wine.


  1. Press on. Go on. Go forth. That's all the modality you'll ever need in strategies, financial ones or otherwise. Well, there's the details you'll have to thresh out, and specific strategies and means. But one never runs out of means. The real struggle is keeping to them.

    Henrietta @ MediQ

    1. Thank-you Henrietta your encouragement was greatly appreciated!


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