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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Financial Health (Day 2)

January 2, 2014    

 On my quest to follow through with my first resolution I ran across a book written by Susie Orman titled The Nine Steps to Financial Freedom.  I have learned very quickly what it is I need to do to attain my goals, but have also learned some very important information that I and probably most of the general public didn't know.

     The book's first suggestion is to identify our past experiences with money to be able to define why we have the money issues we have. It goes on further to say that we next need to identify where our money goes.  Then a budget must be developed to decide how much money gets spent in each area, remembering to cut costs where they need be. 

    My first goal is to whittle away most of my debt. Americans pay a lot of money in interest every year to credit cards!  My plan is to borrow from my self and pay the interest to me!  Last year was not a good year for my finances, therefore my next move is to plan ahead for surprise expenses.  No one plans on needing repairs on their homes, maintenance on vehicles, vet bills, or hospital bills, but we all know it's not if it happens, it's when it happens.

     In the next section of the book it talks about being responsible for your loved ones.  I am still reading this Step and I am quickly learning a lot about trust funds, long term care insurances, and even life insurances to make sure that your loved ones are financially in the event of your absence.  No one wants to think about this scenario but no want wants to leave their loved ones financially destitute either.  Some very important things to ponder for sure!  This is why I am strongly suggesting you read this book!

     So far my first resolution is coming along very nicely.  I know it's only been just a few days, but I began this phase of my resolution back around Christmas and I can tell you that already I can see a big difference.  Just think what might happen after a whole year at this?!

     So I will leave you with a couple of things to think about...have you made your resolutions yet?  Do they include your financial health?  And most importantly...where would your loved ones be today if you were no longer able to provide your income as part of the funds that support your household? 

     Good luck with all your endeavors!  Let's meet our resolutions together in 2014!

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