What is Zen?

Zen is a total state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind. Zen is a way of being. It also is a state of mind. Zen involves dropping illusion and seeing things without distortion created by your own thoughts.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 1

Well Phat Cats how are we doing for our first day?! So far for me day one has been excellent with no failures and all triumphs! It has been much easier than I thought it would be and is great to have so much support. I also have some added motivation with the comments that some of you have made. I have vowed to not be the ONE that causes us to lose but to lose and I am fairly certain I will still have both arms still in tack after the challenge is over! LOL I think we have a great team and I feel confident about the journey we are about to embark on. I love the support of shared information, the scheduled time to build relationships, and the planned group activities. One of you mentioned that we should set some goals each week and I thought that this might be the place we could do it! Feel free to share what ever you like that would be helpful or supportive or even to share your failures and successes. You can also share tips that have helped you or things you know will work. I guess you could say this will be a way we can push each other to the finish line! I hope you all have a great and successful weekend! Go Phat Cats! P.S. I have trouble getting away from sugar and have withdrawals so any help with the nervousness for these first few days will be gladly accepted.


  1. Kerry, this is so cool. Good luck.

  2. Today has been a great first day. At first, my motivation was the team, but now it is the "before" picture that's pushing me forward. Nothing like a great snapshot to make reality smack you in the face! My two main goals for this week are to exercise more and drink more water. Hopefully this will make my appetite shrink in the process. I really enjoyed walking today. The miles pass much more quickly with friends. I'm sure I'll be feeling it in the morning though. :) Have a great weekend, losers!


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